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Periferia Del Mondo was formed in Rome in 1996 by woodwind player Alessandro Papotto (BANCO del Mutuo Soccorso), guitarist Giovanni Tommasi and bassist Claudio Braico, who were soon joined by drummer Tony Zito and keyboardist Bruno Vegliante. The style is a kaleidoscope of colours spreading from jazz-rock to psychedelic music to symphonic rock. The band has performed several shows in Italy and abroad, and released three albums in CD and LP format: In ogni Luogo, in ogni tempo (2000), “Un Milione di voci” (2002), and Perif3ria Del Mondo (2006). Periferia Del Mondo also appears on two live productions: the CD “Omaggio a Demetrio Stratos” (2000) and the DVD “Gouveia Art Rock 2004” recorded in Portugal during a show together with Richard Sinclair Band. Their studio albums and their shows often featured important guests such as Mauro Pagani, Vittorio Nocenzi, Francesco di Giacomo, Rodolfo Maltese and many others. The albums gained large appreciation and enthusiastic reviews from radios and papers all around the world. Some experts of this field said about them: <Groups like this define what progressive is… by combining elements of 70’s prog-rock with a modern twist… an impressive amalgam of rock and jazz music… Periferia Del Mondo is one of the world’s best-kept secrets and one of the better italian progressive rock bands that you can heard.>


Prog Exhibition 2010

On Saturday 5th november 2010 Periferia del Mondo opened the second evening of an astonishing event in Rome, the Prog Exhibition, which saw many Italian and international artists and stars performing for the joy of an incredible audience

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